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Professional make up artistry


Whether it’s for your big day, a special event, or just to feel fabulous, there is no better treat than a professional make-up session!

I’ve worked for over 10 years as a professional make-up artist and I have a knack for knowing just what to do with every face. I believe in a natural look that enhances your strongest features and I blend classic traditions with up-to-the-minute international trends. No two looks are the same - your session is as unique as you are. 

"I secretly look forward to a special occasion so that I can visit Sarah. She's a genius and also one of my fav people ever."


Lulu M.

"Sarah is my go to. She's the best and I always end up so happy with what she magically comes up with."


Victoria A.

"Sarah's make up made me feel so beautiful on my special day. Can't recommend enough!"


Gemma F.

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