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BRand ambassador

Fluffiest Dog
certified hound

Nice to meet you! My name is Proudfoot Longfellow!

I'm Cape Town's most famous Shih-Tzu. Sarah's my mom and I help out in the studio by being cute. I'm like really cute. 

I won "Fluffiest Dog of the Year" in 2014 and "Cutest Lockdown Dog" in 2019. I even won a couch for "Cutest Lockdown Dog". True story. My PR clout has meant free nights at the Radisson Red hotel. 

Despite my large collection of hair bows, fashion accessories and hairstyles, I am a boy (I can't stress this enough). I am regularly referred to as a "good boy". 

I have a particular fondness for chicken.

Proudfoot x

"Proudfoot is the best! He makes me instantly happy."


Kayla G.

"5 stars for Proudfoot! Highly recommended!"


Anna S.

""OMG, he's absolutely adorable. No words..."


Geraldine F.

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